Sep 5, 2016

News in S, M, L & XL

written by Anna Thurfjell


New Berlingske is a modern newspaper with an emphasis on news and views. This shows with promoting the news stories and reporters more clearly all the way through the paper. The opinion section now starts from the back of the paper and their voices are drawn portraits by Kate Copeland, England. One thing the project focused on was that the old news section felt a bit too monotonous, with too many stories of the same length. We thought it was important to emphasise and present the good stories, with more variation, indepth but also in brief and in a fun way to read. The new news section (main) and Business has a similar structure and grid.  We have defined a S, M, L & XL principle for the stories, a system I originally innovated for Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm and that has inspired us for the new Berlingske structure of news.

Read all about the redesign project here: http://at-d.net/portfolio/the-redesign-of-berlingske-a-newspaper-icon/

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