Berlingske is one of the oldest newspaper in the world, founded, 3.1.1749, by book publisher Ernst Henrik Berling. In 2015, Berlingske was rescued from a near death experience by De Persgroep in Brussels.  The charismatic CEO of De Persgroep: Christian Van Thillo, have strong ideas with the project “The redesign of Berlingske is essential in the multimedia transformation of the whole brand”.
Late in the fall of 2015, Mark Porter, and his UK-based studio MPA, was, asked to redesign Berlingske and he brought me on the team, to be part of the whole redesign.

”Berlingske is unique and very special — one of Europe’s oldest newspapers with a remarkable history. But it also needs to serve its readers in the modern world, and remain relevant to the way they live. The essence of this project has been the combination of those two principles — to celebrate the past while remaining aware of the present and preparing for the future”.
I was also asked to lead the in-house team at Berlingske in Copenhagen where I build dummies and tested our ideas together with the team at Berlingske in a so called war room. One thing the project focused on a lot was the rhythm and structure. We thought it was important to emphasise and present the news stories, with more variation, in-depth but also in brief and in a fun way to read. The new news section (main) and Business have a defined S, M, L & XL principle for different kinds of stories.
New Berlingske is a modern newspaper with an emphasis on news and views. A new daily section was born in the project, called “B” ‘Kultur & Livsstil’ about modern culture and life and Berlingske still focus a lot on the weekend experience with both a news in-depth storytelling in the section called Magasin and a glossy lifestyle magazine on Sundays.
“Mark and Anna’s work will give the newspaper a much more modern, stylish identity with a female touch. The beautiful, yet powerful new design, will determine the core visual brand identity on all our digital platforms. I am extremely pleased with this important new milestone in Berlingske’s journey”, says Christian Van Thillo.
Written by Anna Thurfjell, Copenhagen