Sep 5, 2016

The new Berlingske type

written by Anna Thurfjell


In the redesign of Berlingske, the type has been a crucial part. The new design uses a range of fonts from Commercial Type, a foundry based in New York and London who are frequent collaborators with Mark Porter and his studio.

“The typographic palette had to hit the right balance between tradition and modernity. We began with Sanomat, the main serif font, which is in many ways a classic newspaper face, but has a strong character and some definite quirks. Along with the sans version of Sanomat we introduced Giorgio Sans, a very narrow and compact sans, which plays a supporting role in the news sections, but comes to prominence in the Sunday magazine. And finally, for a bit of extra flavour we added a typeface from Danish designer Henrik Kubel based on Copenhagen’s historic street signs; it has a very distinctive character and needs to used sparingly, but it brings a little sense of history and a nice connection to Berlingske’s native city. Text throughout is in Guardian Text, an extremely economical and compact font which we developed for the Guardian redesign”.

Sanomat is originally designed for Sami Valtere’s 2013 redesign of Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s most respected national newspaper. It is a great journey to develop a typeface for a newspaper, in 2009 I commissioned a typeface for Svenska Dagbladet; Sueca designed by Mário Feliciano. For the full story on the Sueca typeface: http://at-d.net/portfolio/sueca-the-dna-of-svenska-dagbladet/

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Mark Porter, MPA, UK www.mpa.com